Choosing the Best Painting Service

When Choosing a painting company to liven up your home or work place, you want to be assured that not only will the job get finished in the quoted amount of time, but that when it's finsihed it has a professional and quality appearance. At Puma Painting, not only we do have high standards of workmanship and professionalism, but all of our painters are licensed and insured, insuring you and your homes saftey during a house painting. 

Quality Attention

Our painters know what quality looks like, and are aimed to deliver it to each and every client. We take the upmost care of your belongs during the process, protecting all floors or any immovable obstacles. Not only is our work top-notch, with straight lines and uniform finishes, but our painters are also supervised and quality inspections are performed at the end of every job.

Professional Standards

Since we know every job is different, we provide free consultation and pre- planning with you to determine your specific needs and preferences. We don't want to be considered those dirty painters either, so we perform daily clean-up and garbage removal. For the saftey of not only our painters but also your family and home, we follow all saftey requlations and equipment.

Technical Expertise

With all the different paints and coatings on the market today, it can be a little confusing. We are familiar with all the current products, trends and application procedures. We have the knowledge and expertise to make proper recommendations for your situation.